Club Policies




Certified to be a True and Up to Date Copy

27th November 2023

The Club is called “Thornton-Cleveleys Cricket Club” and its headquarters is at “The Illawalla Cricket Ground”, River
Road, Thornton-Cleveleys.

a) The object of this club is to provide facilities for and promote participation of the whole community in the sport of
b) Encourage and foster a spirit of friendliness and companionship both on and off the field of play.
c) The Club will have an open (non-discriminatory constitution). This equality is fairness in sport, equality of access,
recognising inequalities and addressing any. It is the changing of culture and structure of sport to ensure cricket is
accessible to everybody in society.
This Policy must be displayed in the Pavilion.
d) The Club will have a “SAFE HANDS- Welfare of Young People in Cricket” Policy. It will have TWO nominated officers
who have attended the appropriate Child Protection Course.
The Policy together with the names of the TWO nominated officers must be displayed in the Pavilion.
e) The Club will have Code of Conducts for Officials, Members, Coaches, Volunteers, Senior Players and Junior Players.
These Policies must be displayed in the Pavilion.

a) The Club membership consists of:
i) Honorary Members
ii) Life Members
iii) Patrons
iv) Vice Presidents
vi) Senior Playing Members
vii) Junior Playing Members 
b) All Club members, except Patrons and Junior Members under the age of 16, are voting members and can vote at
General Meetings and stand for positions on the Executive Committee and Sub-committees.
c) All subscriptions and fees for each type of membership to be decided by a general meeting. Annual subscriptions
payable at the time to be paid by the 1 st May.
d) Any member may resign by giving the Secretary notice in writing. If notice is given on or after the 1 st May, the member
must still pay subscription for that year.
e) Any member whose subscription is not paid by the 1 st May ceases to enjoy the privileges of the Club including eligibility
for selection. However, so long as a member has initiated reasonable payments to the Thornton Cleveleys Cricket Club
Payment Scheme Account and the first payment has been received into that account by the 1 st May, that that person shall
be deemed to be a member of the club.
f) By becoming a member, every member agrees to comply with these rules. Any failure to do so or any ungentlemanly or
objectionable conduct makes a member liable to the imposition, by the Executive Committee, of sanctions. Any member
dealt with by this rule has the opportunity of giving, verbally or in writing any explanation or defence.

g) The Executive Committee may refuse or revoke the membership of any person who has been found guilty of such
conduct as to have justified his/her expulsion from any other organisation
h) An expelled member forfeits all rights in and claims upon the Club and its property.
i) Appeal against such a decision may be made to the club members and decided by a majority vote.
j) Any member who wilfully destroys, damages or takes away without the consent of the Executive Committee’s
permission any equipment or property belonging to the Club must immediately replace the same or pay, to the Treasurer,
the value of it as determined by the Executive Committee.
k) Membership of this club shall be open to all persons irrespective of Ethnicity, Nationality, Sexual Orientation, Religion
or Beliefs; or of Age, Sex or Disability except as a necessary consequence of the requirements of cricket as a particular

a) The Executive Committee members will be:
i) President
ii) Chairperson
iii) Vice Chairperson
iv) Secretary
v) Assistant Secretary
vi) Treasurer
vii) Assistant Treasurer
viii) Communication & Electronic Media Officer
ix) Assistant Communication & Electronic Media Officer
x) Cricket Chair
xi) Sub-Committee Chairs
xii) Welfare Officer(s)
b) The Executive Committee manages the day-to-day activities of the Club. All members of the Executive Committee with
the exception of the Welfare Officer are elected at the A.G.M. for one year. Members of the Executive Committee are
eligible for re-election in subsequent years. All voting members are eligible for election.
c) The Chairperson, Vice Chairperson or, in their absence, a person selected by the Executive Committee will take the
d) The Executive Committee has the power to fill any vacancy that occurs within the Executive Committee.
e) The quorum for Executive Committee meetings is FOUR
f) Every Executive Committee member, excluding the Chairperson, may use ONE vote on every motion. In the case of
equality of votes, the Chairperson has the casting vote.
g) The number of attendances at the Executive Committee meetings will be reported at the A.G.M. and in a letter to
members prior to the A.G.M.
h) The Welfare Officer to be appointed by the Executive Committee at their first meeting after the A.G.M. The officer
appointed must attend the appropriate Child Welfare Courses as laid down by the cricket governing bodies.

a) The sub-committees are:
i) Bar
ii) Junior Cricket
iii) Catering
iv) Social
v) Sponsorship & Marketing
v) Ground
b) The Sub-committee structure makes it easy for as many members as possible to contribute to the running of the Club
without having to attend formal meeting. It also makes it easy for the views of as many members as possible to be heard
at Executive Committee meetings.
c) The Sub-committee chairpersons are elected at the A.G.M. and are automatically members of the Executive
d) Members of the Sub-committees are decided by the Executive Committee.
e) Sub-committee membership may vary throughout a season to ensure each Sub-committee has enough active
members to perform its role.
f) Sub-committee meet formally or informally, regularly or irregularly at the discretion of the chairperson.
g) All members are encouraged to become involved in the sub-committees as often and for as long as they are able.

a) All voting members are invited and encouraged to attend General Meetings, of which there are two types:
i) Annual General Meetings (A.G.M.s)
ii) Emergency General Meetings (E.G.M.s) 
b) Voting members may present a resolution for discussion at the General Meetings by giving TWENTY EIGHT days
written notice to the Secretary including the signatures of the Proposer and Seconder. Resolutions not submitted in
accordance with this rule will not be accepted.
c) At least FOURTEEN days before a General Meeting, a written notice of the meeting and of the business to be
transacted will be sent to the last known address of every voting member.
d) The Chairperson, Vice Chairperson or, in their absence, a person selected by the meeting will take the chair.
e) Every voting member, excluding the Chairperson, may use one vote on every motion. In the case of equality of votes,
the Chairperson has a casting vote.

a) Whenever possible the A.G.M. to be held each year in NOVEMBER to:
i) Receive, from the Executive Committee, a Report and Statement of Accounts for the preceding year.

ii) Elect Officers and an Executive Committee for the ensuing year.
iii) Elect Captains of the Senior Teams (only playing members aged SIXTEEN or over will be eligible to vote on this
issue). A captain’s nomination must be supported by the current executive committee prior to the AGM meeting.
iv) Elect the Selection Committee
v) Decide on any resolution submitted to the meeting.
b) All nominees for election must be present at the meeting or if this is not possible, agreement must be made with the
Secretary in writing beforehand.
c) The quorum for an A.G.M. is 20% of voting members.

a) An E.G.M. can be called by the Executive Committee at any time.
b) An E.G.M. can be called by voting members by giving the Secretary a written request stating the purpose of the
meeting and countersigned by at least TEN voting members.
c) The quorum for an E.G.M. is:
i) On proposals for the dissolution of the Club 75% of voting members.
ii) For all other business 20% of voting members.

a) The funds of the Club are kept by the Treasurer under the supervision of, and in such place and manner as decided by
the Executive Committee.
b) The Executive Committee has the power to spend Club funds as they see fit according with these Rules and the
Objects of the Club.
c) The Club accounts are made up to 30 th September each year. The Executive Committee will arrange for a statement of
receipts and expenditure to be prepared, audited and presented to the next A.G.M.
d) Each A.G.M. appoints an auditor or auditors. This office can be filled by either:
i) Two voting members of the Club who are not Trustees or members of the Executive Committee.
ii) One professional auditor.
Note that option ii) is the preferred choice.
e) If a vacancy occurs in the office of auditor during the year the Executive Committee is authorised to appoint a
replacement complying with d) i or d) ii (above) of this rule.
f) A General Meeting may remove any of the Trustees. Any vacancies will be filled at the same time or next General
g) The Income and Property of the club shall be applied solely towards promoting the club's objects as set forth in this
constitution and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred, directly or indirectly, to the members of the club.

10) BAR
a) The management of the bar is the responsibility of the Executive Committee through the Bar sub-committee.
b) The Executive Committee has the power to close the bar at any time if it considers it is in the interests of the Club.
c) Intoxicants will not be supplied to persons under the age of EIGHTEEN years of age.
d) A list of Club members will be kept on the Club premises.
e) The Bar accounts are incorporated in the Club accounts and are subject to the General Rules governing such general
Club accounts.
f) Any member is entitled to introduce friends to the Club bar as their guests. The member and guest must sign their
names in a book kept for that purpose.
g) All members, officials and supporters of any visiting team and all officials of the League or visiting League in which the
Club is competing are “temporary members” of the Club for the duration of their visit and may use the bar as if they were
Club members.
h) The hours for the supply of intoxicants are fixed by the Bar sub-committee within the permitted legal hours.

a) The Selection Committee selects ALL Senior Teams with the exception of Mid-week sides which are selected by the
Team Captain or their Deputy.
b) The Selection Committee consists of the Team Captains, the Cricket Chair and not more than FOUR non-playing
members. The non-playing members shall appoint, from within their number a Chairperson of the Selection Committee.
Where a Captain cannot attend a selection meeting they must appoint a Deputy to act on their behalf.
c) Where a vote is taken, the non-playing members are entitled to vote, as is the Team Captain of the team being
d) Other Team Captains may air an opinion (but are not entitled to vote) only if the subject matter of the vote concerns a
Member who has played in their Team during the season in which the vote takes place.
e) The Selection Committee has the power to omit from selection any player whose subscription is overdue.
f) When possible, ALL Senior teams are selected on TUESDAY evenings prior to matches and are publicised on the
PAVILION and on the TCCC website
g) Members selected to play in any match must attend at the time stated in order to assist the captain in preparing the
ground for cricket / travel to away games in plenty of time and be ready to play on time unless advised that the match is
officially delayed or cancelled. Members not complying with the rule could face disciplinary action.
h) Any player who is selected but fails to play the fixture or part of the fixture without notifying the Captain or the Secretary
at least FORTY EIGHT hours in advance can be suspended from playing for the next TWO weeks. Such suspensions will
be determined by the Selection Committee whose decision is final. Any such decision must be passed to the Secretary, in
writing, before the next scheduled Executive Committee meeting.
i) The Selection Committee has the power to suspend players for other misconduct, either on or off the field. The
maximum suspension the Selection Committee may impose is FOUR weeks. Where the Selection Committee wishes to
impose a longer suspension it may immediately impose a FOUR week suspension but only extend this with the
agreement of a scheduled or emergency meeting of the Executive Committee.
j) The quorum for the Selection Committee is FOUR.

The Club can be dissolved by voting members in the following circumstances:
a) In the first place a written proposal for dissolution, countersigned by at least TEN voting members, must be given to the
Secretary who must call an E.G.M. within a reasonable period of time and within SIX months of receipt of the proposal.
b) The proposal must then be supported by a simple majority of voting members at the E.G.M. at which at least 20% of
the voting members must attend.
c) A second E.G.M. held no more than ONE month after the first and attended by at least 75% of voting members must
confirm the proposal by a simple majority.
d) The same E.G.M. must empower the Executive Committee to release the assets of the Club and discharge its liabilities
within a reasonable period of time.
e) The second E.G.M. must also instruct the Executive Committee on how to dispose of any outstanding net assets
and/or how to fund any net liabilities.
f) In the event of Dissolution, any assets remaining after the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities shall not be paid to, or
distributed among the members of the club, but shall be given or transferred to one of the following approved sporting or
charitable bodies :
1) A Registered charitable organisation(s)
2) Another club which is a Registered CACS
3) The Sport’s national governing body for use by them for related community sports.

These rules may be amended by a General Meeting if a duly presented resolution is supported by at least 20% of those
voting members who are present at the meeting.

a) Players must adhere to the Rules, Code of Practice and Code of Conduct of the League in which they play and other
such regulations as may be decided by the Executive Committee.
b) Trophies and cups are presented after each season for performances in various teams. They remain the property of
the Club and must be returned to the Secretary by the holder TWENTY EIGHT days before the next Presentation
Evening. Holders must take reasonable care of trophies and cups and are responsible for any loss or damage.
c) The Club complies with the English Cricket Board Junior directives for Fast Bowling, and Fielding restrictions in games
associated with the Club. In Senior fixtures, the Team Captain is responsible for ensuring that the directives are enforced
and in Junior fixtures it is the responsibility of the Team Coach
d) Any Questions regarding the interpretation of these rules, bye laws and regulations will be determined by the Executive
Committee whose decision will be final.
e) The Executive Committee does not have the power to amend these or any other rules. The rules of the club and are
the property of the membership and can only be amended at General Meeting as such.
f) Notices about activities of the Club including a copy of these Rules and the Minutes of Executive Committee meetings
will be posted on the Club premises.

g) The Club complies with the directive that ALL Junior Players will wear a helmet whilst batting. Also the wicketkeeper
whilst standing up to the wicket will also wear one.
h) Any PLAYER who is selected to play for a Senior Team on a weekend and then wishes not to be considered for that
chosen team, in preference for another side, gives up the right to play for any side on that given weekend.

Players must have played at least 50% of League games. If a match is abandoned, the selected Player will be deemed to
have played.
BATTING (First, Second, Third, Sunday, Twenty20 Team)
These prizes for each Team awarded to the Players with the highest Average. The Player must be one of the top THREE
highest aggregate in League matches only.
BOWLING (First, Second, Third, Sunday, Twenty20 Team)
These prizes for each Team awarded to the Players with the best Average. The Player must be one of the top THREE
wicket takers in League matches only.
MERIT (First, Second, Third, Sunday, Twenty20 Team)
These prizes for each Team are decided upon by the Executive Committee under advice. The award will take into
account all-round performance, fielding achievements, attitude etc.
AGGREGATE – RUNS (Saturday Teams only)
Awarded to Player scoring most runs in League matches.
AGGREGATE – WICKETS (Saturday Teams only)
Awarded to Player taking most wickets in League matches.
To be decided by the Executive Committee under advice.
To be awarded for the best bowling performance in a senior team across the whole season.
Awarded at the discretion of the Executive Committee for outstanding performance in a Senior fixture.
Awarded at the discretion of the Executive Committee for outstanding work for the Club.
Awarded to the Player chosen by the Players.

a) The number of Trustees shall not be more than four or less than two.
b) The Trustees of the Club shall be appointed from time to time as necessary by the Club in general meeting from
among the Members who are willing to be so appointed. A Trustee shall hold office during his life, or until he shall resign
by notice in writing given to the Main Committee or until a resolution removing him from office shall be passed at a
general meeting by a majority comprising two-thirds of the Members present and voting.
c) All property of the Club including land and investments, shall be held by the Trustees for the time being, in their own
names so far as necessary and practicable, and for the use and benefit of the Club. On the death, resignation or removal
from office of a Trustee, the Main Committee shall take steps to procure the appointment by the Club in general meeting
of a new Trustee in his place; and shall as soon as possible thereafter take lawful and practicable steps to procure the
vesting of all Club property into names of the Trustees as constituted after the said appointment.
d) The Trustees shall in all respects act, in regard to any property of the Club held by them, in accordance with the
directions of the Officers and shall have power to sell, lease, mortgage or pledge any Club property for the purpose of
raising or borrowing money for the benefit of the Club in compliance with the Main Committee's directions. But no
purchaser, lessee or
e) mortgagee shall be concerned to enquire whether any such direction has been given.
f) If any trustee or trustees shall neglect or fail to deal with The Club property as directed by the general committee, The
Club, by a resolution passed by at least two-thirds of those members present, and voting, shall have power to remove
such trustee or trustees from office and declare a vacancy. 
The trustees shall be indemnified by the members of The Club in respect of any such dealing with the property of The
Club, and against any loss or liability arising there from.

a) The general committee is empowered to borrow for the purposes of The Club such amounts of money not exceeding
the total sum of £60,000.00 upon such terms, and upon such security, as the general committee shall think fit and proper.
b) If, at any time, The Club in general meeting, shall pass by a majority of at least two-thirds of the members voting
thereon,  a resolution authorising the general committee to borrow in excess of £10,000.00 the general committee shall
thereupon be empowered to borrow for the purposes of The Club such amount of money, either at one time, and from
time to time, and at such rate of interest, and in such form and manner and upon such  security as shall be specified in
such resolution.
c) The trustees shall in all respects act, in regard to any property of the club held by them, in accordance with the
directions of the committee, and shall have power to sell, lease, mortgage or pledge any club property so held for the
purpose of raising or borrowing money for the benefit  of the club in compliance with the committee`s directions (which
shall be duly recorded in the minutes of the proceedings of the committee) but no purchaser, lessee, or mortgagee shall
be concerned to enquire whether any such direction has been given. The trustees shall be effectively indemnified by the
committee out of the assets of the club from and against any liability, costs, expenses and payments whatsoever which
may be properly incurred or made by them in the exercise of their duties or relation to any property of the club vested in
them, or in relation to any legal proceedings, or which otherwise relate directly or indirectly to the performance of the
functions of a trustee of the club

Signed as a true and accurate record

Roger Sackfield
TC Secretary 


Thornton Cleveleys Cricket Club is comitted to the saftey of its Members and visitors. Please see below a list of club policies


Code of Conduct for Members and Guests - updated June 2022

ECB Anti Discrimination Code 2022 - Updated July 2022

Junior Code of Conduct - updated March 2022

Coaches Code of Conduct - taken from ECB, March 2022

All Stars Cricket Activators Code of Conduct - taken from ECB, updated March 2022

Safeguarding Statement - updated March 2022

Anti-Bullying Statement - updated March 2022

The Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code- updated April 2022

Changing rooms & showers - updated March 2022

Transporting to and from matches - updated March 2022

Photography, Filming & Social Media - updated March 2022

Managing Children Away from Club - updated March 2022

Policy on Missing Children - updated March 2022

Whistleblowing Policy - updated March 2022

Clubs use on Social Media, Email and Texts - updated March 2022

Welcoming Children with a Disability - updated March 2022

Creating a Safe and Welcoming Environment - updated March 2022

Sun Safety - updated March 2022

Concussion Guidelines - updated March 2022

Guidance for Disciplinary Proceedings involving Under 18 - updated March 2022

Specific Concerns for Outside of Cricket - updated March 2022


Our Club Safeguarding Officer’s details are below - 

Name – Lisa Martin

Email address – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone number – 07946 469387

Name – Lindsay Elphick

Email address – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone number – 07817 745070

Name - Trevor Wilde

Email address - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone number - 07796 101218

Lancashire Cricket Club - Safeguarding Officer - Mike Buckley, 07710 421231

Club Safeguarding Officer’s role

The first point of contact for parents, children and volunteers/staff within the club. As a source of procedural advice for the club, its committee and members.

The main point of contact within the club for the ECB County Safeguarding Officer and the ECB Safeguarding Team. 

The main point of contact within the club for relevant external agencies, in connection with child safeguarding. Ensuring correct and comprehensive reporting procedures exist for raising and managing child safeguarding concerns. 

Safeguarding Referral Form

Accident Reporting Form